Acceptable Use Policy

WK&T reserves the right to engage in reasonable network management practices, to protect its broadband network from harm, compromised capacity, degradation in network performance or service levels, or uses of the Service which may adversely impact access to or the use of the Service by other customers. Some of the reasonable network management practices that WK&T will use may include, but are not limited to, the following: (i) a cap on data usage; (ii) a modification of a customer’s serving facility or service technology, and/or (iii) a modification of or a limitation on a customer’s data throughput speed or data consumption, or in extreme cases, disconnection of broadband services.  Here are the allowed consumption at this time.
5.0 MB (and below)

150 GB

10.0 MB

250 GB

15.0 MB

350 GB

25.0 MB

450 GB

50.0 MB

500 GB

100.0 MB (and higher)

600 GB


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