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Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM
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Pay your bill by phone: 1-855-385-9908

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Customer Service
Phone/TV Support
Internet Support
WK&T Local Channel 1
Technology Store
WK&T Management

24-hour WK&T Technical Support: Your area code and exchange plus 1000

WK&T Mayfield Store
1002 Cuba Road
Mayfield, Kentucky 42066

WK&T Yorkville Store
2 Nebo-Yorkville Road
Yorkville, TN 38389

WK&T Murray Store
1900 North 12th Street
Suite K
Murray, KY 42071
(Ask to speak with someone at the Murray Store)

WK&T Administrative Offices
237 N. 8th Street
Mayfield, Kentucky 42066

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