WK&T is working with city leaders to research the possibility of deploying fiber-based communication services to Weakley County, Tennesse. We appreciate your interest; as we gather information, your input will be helpful. Please use this form to help us determine the level of interest throughout the county. We will provide more information about this project, to all parties concerned, as we gather more facts. To learn more about the power of fiber, and about WK&T, please see the information below.

Thank you for your interest in fiber service from WK&T!


Who is WK&T?

WK&T is a progressive telecommunications provider. Across its 100% fiber-to-the-home network, WK&T delivers high-speed broadband Internet, digital TV, phone and related services to citizens and businesses of West Kentucky and Tennessee.


What are the Benefits of Fiber?

WK&T operates a 100 percent fiber network. Many telecommunications providers use fiber in their network to connect their equipment in the field, but WK&T has taken the extra step of delivering fiber all the way to the homes and businesses of every customer.

Changing Lives: The Power of Broadband

Click each section below to read real-life case studies of how fiber-powered broadband is changing lives in our region...

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