Internet/Network Practices

Internet Service Policy and Customer Information

Network Practices:    (a) Congestion Management and Application-Specific Behavior.  WK&T does not block, shape, limit, or control individual internet usage.  WK&T adheres to guidelines set forth by Congress and the FCC for network openness and interconnection.  All WK&T consumers are able to access the lawful internet content of their choice under nondiscriminatory provisions.  WK&T has no traffic shaping equipment in place and does not discriminate against nor preclude any legal use of other provider equipment or services.  (b)  Device Attachment Rules.  Any standard computer or internet access device is permitted on to the extent it does not cause a degradation of internet traffic within the network or to others.   WK&T reserves the right to set additional standards and rules as warranted.   (c)  Security:  Security measures that would monitor end user real time usage have not been adopted.  It is the responsibility of the end user to monitor their usage and adopt safe practices that they deem necessary to protect any unauthorized access to their personal files and information.  WK&T does employ internal security measures to monitor aggregate internet usage to avoid a degradation of its IP network and performance.

 Performance Characteristics:  (a) Service Description.   Internet service is a “best provisioned” service, and WK&T has provisioned your service to meet the maximum speeds as advertised.  However, internet usage can be affected by many variables, across multiple networks, and the usage that you may experience may be lower than the maximum speed.  WK&T does not have real time monitoring data.  It is WK&T’s intent to provide network performance at 95% of advertised speeds, 90% of the time.  Individual internet data services are described in additional detail in the “Products” section of this webpage.  (b)  Impact of Specialized Services.  WK&T does not offer any specialized services.

Commercial Terms:  (a) Pricing.  Individual internet data service pricing, terms, and conditions are described in additional detail in the “Products” section of this webpage.  (b) Privacy Policies:  WK&T does not share any internet usage information with any outside agency, for other law enforcement or national security needs; unless requested by court subpoena or other lawful means.  (c) Redress Options:  You may call Customer Service at 1.877.954.8748 if you have any questions of difficulties with your service.


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