Long Distance

Residential LD Packages
250 Minutes – $7.95 per month
500 Minutes – $14.95 per month
1000 Minutes – $29.95 per month
Unlimited Plan – $44.95 per month (includes unlimited local service, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, call rejection, voice mail, 3-way calling)

Per Use LD Rates*
$0.09 per minute with monthly surcharge of $4.95
$0.15 per minute with no monthly surcharge (only pay for what you use)

*Only per use rates are available for businesses

Additional Long Distance Features:

  • Basic Calling Area (BAC) allows you to call certain designated prefixes for a small monthly fee, plus a very low minute of use charge.
  • Premium Calling Area (PAC) allows you to call certain designated prefixes for a flat monthly fee for an unlimited amount of time.
  • 900 Number Block blocks the ability to dial 900 or 500 numbers.
  • Toll Bar prohibits dialing 1 or 0 to make a long distance call.
  • Collect Call Block prohibits collect calls from being accepted.
  • 3rd Party Block prohibits someone from charging a phone call to your number.
  • Toll Control w/PIN will require a pin number to be entered before a long distance call can be made.
  • Toll Restriction With 800# Dialing Allowed block allows local calling and 800 number calls only.  The customer can then use pre-paid phone cards to make long distance calls without charges applied to the phone bill.
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